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Our History

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Since 1972

A Family Tradition

Our family business has been led with passion for over half a century. Founded by Bill Weishaar and now steered by his three sons, Baxter Gardens is a leader in landscape design.

We design outdoor spaces that mirror your unique preferences and lifestyle. With our designs, every season will bloom beautifully in your outdoor space, maintaining its allure all year.

Our commitment to superior service and quality helps us provide a seamless experience from design to installation and beyond. We will carefully manage each stage of your project.

A Solid Foundation

Our Core Principle

Bill Sr.’s original vision still guides our work. While the plant materials may have changed, our core principle of contrasting color, height, and texture remains the foundation of each design.

Front landscaping by Baxter Gardens, showcasing a variety of green shrubs, colorful flowers, and a well-maintained grass lawn. The garden design is elegant and welcoming, enhancing the overall curb appeal of the environment.
A serene, rain-kissed courtyard featuring a brick paver patio with various seating areas surrounded by lush, vibrant gardens. The curved pathways lead towards a traditional brick house with bay windows, enveloped by a variety of colorful flowers and green shrubbery. A quaint garden pond, visible in the background, adds a touch of tranquility to the scene.
Spacious elevated stone patio with a modern pergola, hosting outdoor furniture, flanked by manicured greenery, with suburban homes in the background under a sunset sky.
A picturesque backyard scene featuring a stone staircase flanked by lush greenery and Japanese maples, leading down to an elegant white gazebo and a pool. The gazebo houses comfortable lounge furniture, all set in a tranquil garden atmosphere.
A portrait of a smiling man with short, gray hair wearing a red collared shirt with a striped pattern. The background features a softly focused outdoor scene with trees and warm, golden light filtering through the leaves, suggesting a pleasant evening setting.

Bill Weishaar


Chris Weishaar


A portrait of a smiling man with short, light brown hair and a trimmed beard, wearing a blue collared shirt. The background features an outdoor setting with trees and a house silhouetted by warm, golden light, suggesting a peaceful evening atmosphere.
A portrait of a smiling man with short, light brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard, wearing a dark collared shirt. The background features an outdoor scene with trees and a house, softly lit by the warm, golden light of the evening, creating a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

James Weishaar


Baxter Gardens creates exquisite and inviting outdoor spaces throughout the St. Louis region. From landscape design to installation, you will enjoy a seamless landscaping experience.


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