The text "Baxter Gardens" surrounds two dark brown trees with white limbs and trunks.


A subtle grainy texture on a dark green background.


Plant Lists
A cozy outdoor scene with a young couple sitting by a fire pit, enjoying a relaxed evening. The couple, dressed in casual and warm clothing, sits on wicker chairs in a gravel area with potted plants and a greenhouse in the background. The foreground features a glass table with various items, including a vase of flowers, and the area is lit with string lights, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Your landscape can mirror the variety of the changing seasons, offering a consistently remarkable journey right outside your door.


A picturesque garden scene featuring a cobblestone path leading to a formal garden area with neatly trimmed hedges and topiary trees. The garden is framed by tall, conical evergreens and lush greenery, with a backdrop of autumn-colored foliage. The overall setting is tranquil and well-manicured, evoking a sense of serene beauty.
Discover the threat of Boxwood Leafminer and Psyllid pests, their life cycles, and effective treatments for maintaining healthy boxwoods.


An overhead view of a speckled pink Helleborus flower, featuring dark pink petals with lighter pink flecks and a bright yellow center surrounded by numerous stamens.
Welcome to the world of Hellebore, also known as Lenten Rose. Discover its characteristics and uncover tips for growing this early-spring perennial.


A private terrace featuring a dining area with wooden chairs and a table, surrounded by lush greenery. The terrace is elevated, with stone steps leading down to a well-manicured lawn. The garden includes neatly trimmed shrubs and tall conifer trees, providing a natural privacy screen. The sky is partly cloudy, adding to the serene and well-maintained outdoor space.
Privacy is a precious commodity. One way to block out an unwanted view or create a secluded oasis is by installing a privacy plant screening.


Baxter Gardens creates exquisite and inviting outdoor spaces throughout the St. Louis region. From landscape design to installation, you will enjoy a seamless landscaping experience.


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