Can I do my own irrigation start-up?

Why You Should Let A Professional Perform Your Irrigation Start-Up

And other stuff it’s just easier to have us do…

Wouldn’t it be awesome to turn on your irrigation system and completely forget about it until it’s time to shut it down for winter?  Yes, it would!  But we all know nothing is ever that easy!


Spring Start-Ups –

Issues in dealing with the aftermath of winter:

While much of our winter was relatively mild, we did have a short spell of insane cold.  The blistering temperatures we experienced may have caused serious damage to your irrigation system.

Just turning on the water without a thorough inspection may mean that cracked backflows and broken pipes go unnoticed.  Our service technicians can make sure your system is running smoothly and any problem is resolved.


Personal time is rare these days.  So, unless you are a true outdoor go-getter or plumbing aficionado, why spend your time messing with irrigation?

Even if there are no major leaks in your irrigation system there’s still the controller to program, rain sensors to check, wireless stuff that I can’t even begin to understand and head adjustment.  And more head adjustment and – seriously, why can’t I get the darn thing to go the right direction?!  I’m not paying for my neighbors’ grass to be green!!!

Save yourself the headache (and some money)!  We offer a discounted yearly Irrigation Service Agreement.

2018 Irrigation Service Agreement



Summer Inspections –

Changing Weather:

During start-ups, your irrigation controller is programmed for the expected spring rain and temperatures.  As the year progresses and becomes hotter and drier, your controller is still programmed for spring weather.  This may mean that your lawn or new plants are not getting enough water in July and August.  We can set up monthly inspections to make sure your system is keeping up with the tough St. Louis weather.

Head Adjustment:

This isn’t just a spring issue – heads regularly come out of adjustment or simply don’t work where they once did.  Mowers run over them, kids use them as home base, and plants grow taller.  I had a dog that regularly viewed a lawn rotor as a fierce competitor in the game of tug of war.  There are a ton of reasons why they may not be working properly – we can make sure they do.

Backflow Test:

To ensure your backflow is functioning properly, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Local County Ordinance requires backflow tests to be performed annually.  This inspection must be performed by a certified backflow prevention tester.  Hey!  That’s us!

Interested in Summer Inspections?  Check out our Summer Inspections Service Agreement.

2018 Summer Inspection Service Agreement

**All service agreements must be signed and prepaid by March 31, 2018 to be eligible for contract pricing.**