Watering in winter.

When To Water Evergreens In Winter

It seems strange to think that you may need to pull out the hoses again in the winter.  Especially when they are all put away and you thought your yard work was done.  But if you have planted anything new this year, or the last few years for that matter, your plants can certainly benefit from some water if nature has given us none.

Evergreens especially need extra moisture because they transpire in the winter months. This simply means they lose moisture through their needles – ever notice the tips browning on your evergreen trees and shrubs?  To keep them functioning well, the plant must replace this lost moisture through its roots.  Unfortunately, we often lack the snow and rain in the winter that helps the roots keep up with the loss of moisture from the needles.  To help reduce or prevent winter injury, the entire root area should be watered.  Yes, even in winter.

So what do you do?  Pick a warm day when the ground is not frozen – plants can’t take in moisture when the ground is frozen, put on a winter coat and garden gloves, add mulch to help conserve soil moisture if needed, pull out your hoses, and water.  Oh, and pray for snow…..lots of it because it’s cold and you don’t want to have to do this again until spring.

First Snow of Winter