These 2020 Garden Trends Make Great Resolutions

These 2020 Garden Trends Make Great Resolutions

Trends can be a bit exhausting.  The compulsive need to have the latest cabinet color or the rattan purse Anna Wintour is telling me I must have – even though it will be out of fashion by the end of summer.  Gardening trends, though, are much more forgiving.  They are ideas and actions that we can keep expanding.


These trends are much more than a color or even a style.  They are a concept that keeps growing and does incredible things for our well-being and our environment.

Here are 7 of the biggest Gardening Trends for 2020.  Anna Wintour approved, I’m sure.

1 – Relaxation and peace gardens. Create low maintenance spaces that serve as your private oasis. Take some time in this fast-paced world to slow down and literally smell the roses. You take care of so many – be sure to take care of yourself.

Blueberry by Bushel and Berry planted in planter on patio
Image Source: Bushel & Berry

2 – Grow your own. Farm-to-table can’t get any closer than your own backyard.  But growing your own doesn’t mean you have to have a garden. Many new varieties of fruit and vegetables are often created for smaller areas and can blend beautifully into your existing landscape.

3 – Outdoor kitchens & living spaces. Homeowners love the idea of extending their living space into the outdoors. Your second home can be right in your back yard.

Vertical gardening
Image Source: Pixabay

4 – Vertical gardening. Urban areas, as well as some suburban spaces, have limited yard space. Thinking beyond vines, homeowners are gardening up with living walls.

5 – Frogs.  Yes, frogs are being added to the bee, bird, and butterfly list – and a healthy garden celebrates and supports all these wonderful creatures! This year, consider adding a pond or small water feature to your garden.

Frog on lily pad with pink flower
Image Source: Pixabay

6 – Sustainable gardening.   We love that this trend is becoming more of a norm. Simply choosing natural methods of pest control, supporting local pollinators, or composting help to create healthier environments from the ground up.

7 – Houseplants.  This ever-growing trend is producing many proud #plantparents, and we love it! Though we may focus on the outdoors, no one can deny that bringing plants indoors helps to reduce stress and allows people to connect with nature – all without breaking a sweat!

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