The best deer-resistant plants for St. Louis

The Best Deer Resistant Plants for St. Louis

Deer grazing along a woodline forest creates an idyllic setting. But, this picturesque view of deer often doesn’t correspond well to our landscapes. Especially when you realize the grazing is happening on your hosta! Choosing deer-resistant plants will help you, your landscape, and the beautiful deer cohabitate. 

With spring right around the corner, your landscape will be a veritable buffet for deer. It’s hard to find a home in West St. Louis County where deer haven’t terrorized the landscape. Deer prefer being next to wooded areas or in clearings where food is often more prevalent. Being that much of West County is wooded land, that makes your yard a Whole Foods wonderland!


Large white-tailed buck at edge of wood line
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

While repellents and scare tactics may briefly keep the deer away, the best way to keep damage at a minimum is to plant what they don’t like. Choosing deer-resistant plants will allow your landscape a chance to survive and thrive. These common deer-resistant plants for St. Louis will help you get your landscape started off right. 

Deer-resistant perennials for St.Louis, Deer resistant annuals for St.Louis
Deer-resistant shrubs for St.Louis, Deer resistant trees for St.Louis, Deer resistant groundcover for St.Louis
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Keep in mind, while the deer-resistant list is for plants that they do not favor to eat, they are not deer-proof and they still may munch. They especially enjoy the new, spring, foliage that is about to appear. It also will have little to no effect on the bucks rubbing their antlers. You can minimize damage to young trees by temporarily wrapping the trunks with drain tile.


deer rub on tree from antlers

While we may not get every plant we want, choosing deer-resistant plants allows us to maintain our landscapes and still enjoy the wildlife.


Spotted fawn curled up sleeping in grass
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

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