Outdoor landscape lighting around a waterfall next to the pool.  The Benefits of Landscape Lighting.

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting should reach far beyond your front door and back porch.  It can be both striking and beneficial, all the while extending your living area to make your outdoor living area useful at all hours of the day.  Here are four reasons why every landscape should include outdoor lighting.


Brightening more than your front porch can offer you peace of mind.  It gives light to parts of your yard that would typically be dark, eliminating areas that intruders could potentially hide. 

Low voltage landscape lighting uplighting trees in front of a brown home.


Creating a safe space for your family is vital in landscape design.  By lighting up walkways and steps, landscape lighting allows your family to navigate your outdoor living space with confidence.

Copper-colored decorative landscape lighting along a paver walkway.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Although your outdoor living area may be beautiful during the day, landscape lighting will create an entirely new facet of design when it’s dark.  By adding lighting to your landscape, you can highlight areas to create an aesthetically pleasing nighttime display.  Well placed outdoor lighting can create drama in your landscape.  But, it can also create a welcoming environment for your family and friends.

Dramatic outdoor landscape lighting around a waterfall and large, metal palm trees next to a pool.

Extend Your Area of Use

Landscape lighting extends your living area into your landscape even after dark.  It allows you to make better use of your property — why limit the use of this space to daytime hours only?

Landscape lighting along the front of a tan brick home with a red front door.

Ready to add lighting to your landscape? 

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