Frog on green lily pad with pink flower.  These 2020 Garden Trends Make Great Resolutions.

These 2020 Garden Trends Make Great Resolutions

Trends can be a bit exhausting.  The compulsive need to have the  latest cabinet color or the rattan purse Anna Wintour is telling me I  must have – even though it will be out of fashion by the end of summer.   Gardening trends, though, are much more forgiving.  They are ideas and  actions that we can keep expanding.

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Mass of purple coneflower.  How to Create a Pollinator Haven.

How to Create a Pollinator Haven

Bees and other pollinators are a significant part of our world today. Without pollinators, our food sources, as well as the food sources for many other animal species, would look very different. 

With the decline in the pollinator population, we all must step up to help make a change. And, whether you have a single container, landscape, flower garden, or acres of land – we can all make a difference. Here are some simple ways to help create havens for pollinators. 

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