Evergreen holly with blue-green background and red berries.  Holly Berries:  How to Guarantee Berries on Your Holly

Holly Berries – How to Guarantee Berries on your Holly

Berries brighten holiday decor, much like holiday lights. Bright red berries tucked in glossy, evergreen foliage or standing alone in stark contrast to a tan stem. Nothing says holiday like holly berries.

But the abundant berries don’t just appear on their own. Winter may be the time of year that we adore our holly, but spring is the time when all the magic happens. We’re talking about the birds and the bees.

What are elderberry?

The Beautiful World of Elderberry

Plant Profile:  Sambucus

There are times when you need the perfect and unique plant in your garden.  A plant that displays a spectacular trifecta of sheer wonderfulness:  *Delicate yet sturdy flowers that turn into lovely and, in many cases, edible fruit.  *Color that shines without ostentation.  *A soft texture that belies its true strength.

Oh, you may think that this perfect plant doesn’t exist, but it does my gardening friends, and it goes by the name Sambucus.  And did I mention they are deer resistant?