Best reblooming shrub.

Spring Re-blooming Shrubs

Putting Sonic Bloom™ Weigela to the Test  
Every year a batch of ‘new this year’ plants arrive at garden centers across the country, some are not worth taking home and planting, despite the pretty signs and convincing advertisement, while others definitely garner a second glance.  One such plant that I would put in the ‘second glance’ category is the Sonic Bloom™ Weigela.

In the past I have been unimpressed with varieties of spring flowering shrubs that re-bloom, so I was a bit skeptical about the Sonic Bloom™ series.

I was trying to decide whether or not we should carry this plant the following season or write it off as a failure before I even tested it when I was approached by one of our owners.

It was a cold and dark winter morning, a time when it’s hard to even fathom that the winter may come to an end, that we discussed Sonic Bloom™ Weigela.  Our conversation went something like this:

Owner:  Have you heard about this re-blooming weigela?
Me:  Yeah.
Owner:  Do you think it’s something we could carry?
Me:  Yeah.
Owner:  How do you feel about them?
Me:  Aaarrgggh…I don’t know.  (Sigh)  Haven’t been too impressed with other spring re-bloomers but we can try ‘em.

So what did we learn from this conversation?  Other than the fact that one syllable words and grunting noises are pretty much the extent of my speaking ability on early winter mornings and that complete sentences are almost impossible?

We’ve learned that I was wrong.

Yes, I admit it, I was wrong.

The Sonic Bloom™ series has done nothing but impress me since it landed on the nursery.


blooms through summer.

The long blooming period lends a much needed update to this old-fashioned bloomer.

The series consists of three colors:  Red, Pink, and Pearl (white that turns pale pink), all very basic colors in the world of weigela but it’s not the colors that are impressive.  What sets this re-bloomer apart from so many others is that it just keeps blooming and blooming. I know, that’s what it is supposed to do but let’s face it, many spring re-bloomers are far too sporadic (at least in my opinion) with their blooms that most are not worth planting.

I’m happy to say that this beauty is worth planting.  Nothing seemed to deter these blooms from putting on a show, including the heat of our St. Louis summer!

You’ll want one in your garden.  I guarantee it.

Here’s some information you need to know to grow Sonic Bloom™ Weigela:

•    Sonic Bloom™ series is a larger weigela topping out at around 60 inches so make sure you have some room in your garden.
•    Plant them in a sunny location and expect blooms in the spring and then again in the summer.
•    Sonic Bloom™ Weigelas are deer resistant and hummingbirds love the cone shaped flowers.
•    Fertilize in early spring with a controlled-release fertilizer.
•    Deadheading is not required to keep the weigela blooming through the growing season.
•    However, if necessary, prune immediately after the initial spring bloom to clean up the plant or control the size.