Best yellow flower for fall bloom.

Solidago rugosa ‘Fireworks’

Plant Spotlight: Goldenrod

While mums and asters take over the fall landscape, one perennial slides under everyone’s radar.  As obscure as it may be when it comes to planting it in our gardens it is most definitely not obscure in nature, in fact most people would classify it as a weed – Goldenrod.

This show-stopper has been vilified for years as the number one cause of severe allergies and hay fever but it has been wrongly accused.  Ragweed and other plants that produce wind-borne pollen are the real culprit of your sneezy, itchy and runny so you can’t rest nose.  So why does this golden beauty take the blame?  It just happens to bloom at the same time that ragweed wreaks its havoc on our sinuses.

Goldenrod has sticky pollen, so while a small percentage may blow in the wind causing your discomfort, it is only a very small percentage.  Goldenrod require bees, wasps and other flying insects to spread its pollen.  This is why when you find goldenrod you will also find a plethora of wonderful insects on it.
Solidago Fireworks
Solidago rugosa ‘Fireworks’

Among the colorful mums, purple asters and rosy sedums, ‘Fireworks’ Goldenrod is an exceptional addition to any fall garden.  Rising above the garden at 3 feet, this stunner sets quietly all summer long waiting for September when it finally explodes in a burst of bright yellow plume-like panicles.  Tolerant of deer and wet soil, this butterfly magnet is easy to grow with very little maintenance necessary making it a must-have addition to your fall garden.