White Pillar Rose of Sharon

Plant Profile: ‘White Pillar’ Rose of Sharon

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d choose Rose of Sharon to spotlight.  But, the more familiar I become with White Pillar®, the more taken I am with its simplicity and elegance.

Sure, it’s easy to ignore these summer-blooming behemoths — I’ve been ignoring them for years!  They were always the last plant I ever took a customer to see when they were wanting blooms in the summer.

White flower on White Pillar Rose of Sharon

But in the past few years, plant breeders have actually made headway on making an actual, well, likable Rose of Sharon.  The best quality that has stood out with these new Rose of Sharon is that they are usable!  No longer relegated as a backyard screen or mistakenly planted in a small landscape until you’re overwhelmed by their size and re-seeding capabilities.  These new varieties are actually of suitable size.

The quality that stands out the most to me is that White Pillar® has a fabulous fastigiate form.  They’re columnar!

Columnar White Pillar Rose of Sharon planted in narrow area along home

White Pillar® reaches 10 to 16-feet tall and 2 to 3-feet wide.  While some pruning may be necessary, in a plant world dominated by 3-foot shrubs, the vertical height draws your eyes upwards and adds dimension to your landscape.

Whether you use the ever-elegant White Pillar® in a formal landscape or add it to the back of a showy perennial garden, this space-saving shrub becomes wonderfully chameleon-like.  A Rose of Sharon that finally belongs in any style of landscape design!

White flowers on White Pillar Rose of Sharon

If you crave a bit more color, the Pillar® series also offers Purple Pillar®.  This Rose of Sharon has lavender-pink flowers with a red eye.

Hibiscus syriacus 'White Pillar'

Zone:  5-9
Height:  10′ to 16′
Spread:  1′ – 3′
Bloom Time:  Summer through Fall
Bloom Description:  White
Light Requirements:  Sun
Water:  Average
Maintenance:  No special care.  Can be pruned in early spring if necessary.
Features:  Deer resistant according to Proven Winners® but we’ve had issues with deer tip pruning Rose of Sharon on the nursery.

Photo Credit

Cover photo:  Proven Winners®

All other photos:  Spring Meadow Nursery, Inc.

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