Bright pink flowers on shiny dark green foliage. Plant Profile: Hydrangea 'Summer Crush'.

Plant Profile: Summer Crush Hydrangea

I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but Endless Summer® is releasing a brand spanking new hydrangea this year. And why exactly should you get excited about yet another new hydrangea? With this hydrangea, the gloves are coming off! This insanely colored hydrangea is giving the standard ho-hum baby blue and pretty pink hydrangeas one serious kick in the pants!

Let me introduce you to the latest addition to the Endless Summer® family.

Summer Crush™ Hydrangea

(Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Bailmacfive’) 

Deep pink flowers cover the dark green foliage of Summer Crush Hydrangea.

The Endless Summer® franchise has entirely outdone itself with this petite knockout. Check out those masses of raspberry red blooms!

Summer Crush Hydrangea plant covered with deep pink flowers over large, dark green foliage.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there!

Neon purple flowers will grace the glossy, dark green foliage should you have acidic soil or choose to add a soil acidifier. You can find out more about that here.

Deep purple hydrangea flower with green background.

As with all the Endless Summer® additions, Summer Crush™ blooms on old and new wood, so you’ll have continuous blooms all summer long.

Summer Crush™ stays at the perfect size of 18″-36″, creating a compact shrub for your garden or containers. The Endless Summer® website puts the sun exposure at full sun to part shade.  However, hydrangea macrophylla performs better with some afternoon shade in the St. Louis area, so I would place this in a partial shade location.

Grouping of pink flowering Summer Crush Hydrangea planted on a boulder ledgestone wall around patio.

Summer Crush™ will be available for the first time this spring! Be sure you put this plant on your spring shopping calendar. You don’t want to miss out!!

Closeup of raspberry-pink flowers above heavily toothed foliage.

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘BAILMACFIVE’

Zone:4 – 9
Light:Full Sun to Part Shade (Actual light requirements depend on what part of the country you live in.)
Height:18″ – 36″
Width:18″ – 36″
Flower Color:Raspberry-pink
Pruning:In summer after flowering.
Watering:Medium to High


Endless Summer

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