Water bubbling from grassy lawn. Irrigation Start-Up and Summer Inspection.

Irrigation Start-Up and Summer Inspection

Turning on your sprinkler system should be a simple task. But, starting up your irrigation system after a winter of freezing and thawing can reveal a whole host of problems.  

Irrigation Startup

Blistering winter temperatures added in with mild days can cause significant damage to your irrigation system. Turning on the water without a thorough inspection may mean that cracked backflows and broken pipes go unnoticed.  

When our service technicians turn on your sprinkler system, they will check and fix any leaks to your backflow and underground pipes. Broken or misaligned irrigation heads will be replaced and readjusted. While the controller and rain sensors will be tested and programmed accordingly. Once we’ve completed your irrigation startup, our technicians will have ensured your system is operating smoothly.

Summer Inspections

During startups, your irrigation controller is programmed for the expected spring rain and temperatures. As the year progresses and becomes warmer and drier, your controller is still programmed for spring weather. This may mean that your lawn or new plants are not getting enough water in July and August. We can set up monthly inspections to guarantee your system is running appropriately to keep up with the arduous St. Louis weather.

Sprinkler heads can also come out of adjustment and require regular maintenance to ensure proper spray coverage. During summer irrigation inspections, our service technicians will routinely check your irrigation heads.  

Backflow Inspection

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Local County Ordinance requires a backflow test to be performed annually. This inspection must be performed by a certified backflow prevention technician. Our qualified technicians will complete this inspection to ensure your backflow is functioning appropriately. Our office staff will then submit the proper paperwork and keep a copy that is available upon request.

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