Create Beautiful Spaces with Boulder Retaining Walls

Nature provides us with an abundance of beautiful materials to work with, and stone is one of the most versatile and stunning. When natural stone boulders are used to create retaining walls, they can add functionality and beauty to your landscape.

When we think of retaining walls, we often think of rectangular blocks that don’t blend in with the surrounding nature. A stiff and formidable structure with little to no personality. But they don’t have to be this way. Boulder retaining walls are more than capable of improving the stability of a slope while blending seamlessly with nature, your home, and your existing landscape features.

Common uses for boulder retaining walls.

  • The prevention of soil erosion.
  • Grade changes that will make your space more usable
  • Create visual interest by producing backdrops for specimens and fountains (they can even become the water feature!)
  • Raised beds

Boulder retaining wall styles.

Boulders are available in an array of sizes, shapes, and colors. Missouri alone gives us buff-colored Limestone, tan and red tones of Sandstone, and the purple-black color of Trap. Beyond our state line, you’ll find a colorful assortment of creams, pinks, reds, grays, and black.

Depending on the stone type, the boulders may be smooth or irregular, small or very large. Homeowners can also purchase ‘weathered’ stones covered in moss and lichens. With so many boulders available, you are guaranteed to find a boulder style that fits your taste.

Maintenance of boulder retaining walls.

Boulder walls require little to no upkeep for many years, making it an excellent investment for your property. So whether you’re looking to add some interest to your landscaping or trying to solve a practical issue, a boulder retaining wall might be just what you need.

Boulder retaining walls are a unique and effective way to transform your yard into a cohesive, functional space. They provide a natural aesthetic that can blend seamlessly with nature and your landscape design.

Are you ready to experience the natural beauty of a boulder retaining wall? Talk with a designer today to learn more about the options available and how they can help you get the look you want on your property.

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