Fawn with spots eating grass in yard.  The Best Deer-Resistant Plants for St. Louis.

The Best Deer-Resistant Plants for St. Louis

Deer grazing along a woodline forest creates an idyllic setting. But, this picturesque view of deer often doesn’t correspond well to our landscapes. Especially when you realize the grazing is happening on your hosta! Choosing deer-resistant plants will help you, your landscape, and the beautiful deer cohabitate.

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Pink mum flowers with yellow centers.  Why Your Hardy Mums Die.

Why Your Hardy Mums Die

If you have ever planted a hardy mum in the fall and hoped for its return the following spring, only to be left with an empty spot in your garden, you’re not alone. 

Yes, hardy does imply that your mum will survive the winter. It also suggests a shrug and a well, maybe from the garden center staff. Here’s why the term hardy doesn’t necessarily mean that your mum will survive the winter.

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Mass of purple coneflower.  How to Create a Pollinator Haven.

How to Create a Pollinator Haven

Bees and other pollinators are a significant part of our world today. Without pollinators, our food sources, as well as the food sources for many other animal species, would look very different. 

With the decline in the pollinator population, we all must step up to help make a change. And, whether you have a single container, landscape, flower garden, or acres of land – we can all make a difference. Here are some simple ways to help create havens for pollinators. 

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White flowers with yellow centers.  The Rise and Fall of the Bradford Pear.

The Rise and Fall of the Bradford Pear

Ornamental Pear was once the most sought after tree. The abundant white flowers, dark glossy foliage, and spectacular fall color made this tree undeniably desirable. In recent years, the Missouri Department of Conservation has been stringently working to alert people to the pitfalls of these pears. So what is all the alarm about? Find out why this one-time darling of street trees is now considered invasive and what you can plant instead.

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Small, glossy green foliage. Everything You Need to Know About Boxwood Blight.

Everything You Need to Know About Boxwood Blight

Boxwood is, quite possibly, the most versatile and perfect plant that you can add to your landscape. Many varieties are compact by nature but with the ability to take large amounts of pruning, can be kept at any size necessary. Boxwood can be either formal or kept natural. It is the one plant that you can easily integrate into any style of landscape, regardless of form.

But what happens when the much-loved boxwood appears to be under attack? Here’s what you need to know about Boxwood Blight.

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Flower of red Knockout Rose.  Your Guide to Rose Rosette

Your Guide to Rose Rosette

Many gardeners steer clear of roses in an attempt to avoid the difficulties that may come with growing them. However, in 2000, a rose became available that was low maintenance and disease resistant. Knock Out® Roses soon became a landscapers dream and a customer favorite. But, in recent years, the brand and shrub roses alike have taken a tremendous hit. Despite bouncing back from our recent harsh winter, Knock Out® Roses one nemesis can still take them out — Rose Rosette.