Hardy Mums

The Difference Between Perennial and Hardy Mums

Mums are confusing.  We buy them late in the year, plant them in the ground and wait for their return the following season only to be left waiting and waiting wondering where they may be.

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Spring Re-Bloomers

Spring Re-blooming Shrubs

Putting Sonic Bloom™ Weigela to the Test  
Every year a batch of ‘new this year’ plants arrive at garden centers across the country, some are not worth taking home and planting, despite the pretty signs and convincing advertisement, while others definitely garner a second glance.  One such plant that I would put in the ‘second glance’ category is the Sonic Bloom™ Weigela.

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Top Annual Picks for St. Louis

10 Annuals Everyone Should Try

As we near the last frost date (think mid-April), I start to get the Annual itch.  Just the thought of putting the dull, bitter days behind me has me thinking of the vibrant annuals that are just waiting to be planted.  This month I’ve decided to share my top 10 favorite annuals.

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