Bee on purple stem of lavender flower.  Plant Profile:  Lavender

Plant Profile: Lavender

There is no denying the charm of lavender. The fragrance alone brings to mind idyllic images of meandering walkways bordered by the aromatic, silvery foliage. The musky scent of purple flowers on long, slender stems drying in a forgotten kitchen window. Very few plants can evoke such emotion and take you to places you’ve longed to visit.

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Yellow flowers of Goldenrod against a blue sky. 5-Must Have Perennials for Fall Color.

5 Must-Have Perennials for Fall Color

We plant flowers to welcome the spring and brighten our receding winter landscapes.  We add color to the summer garden and often admire them from the comfort of our air-conditioned home.  But the time of year when we step back outside to enjoy the cooler autumn temperatures, our gardens are often left barren.  Leaving fall color to only the trees and the mums planted at your front door.  Take advantage of the pleasant temperatures and extend your garden palette with these 5 must-have perennials for fall color.

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Owners of Baxter Gardens of Chesterfield: James Weishaar (left), Bill Weishaar Jr. (center), Chris Weishaar (right)

Baxter Gardens Honored with Family-Owned Business Award

Less than 30% of  businesses last more than 10 years. That’s what makes the success of our  Top Family-Owned Businesses so phenomenal. Founded in 1971, Baxter  Gardens has grown from a small retail garden center to become a  cornerstone of the community. William Weishaar Sr., founder of the  company, passed the business to his three sons: James Weishaar (left),  Bill Weishaar Jr. (center) and Chris Weishaar (right). Together, they  have continued to grow the company.

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Single white Rose of Sharon flower.  Plant Profile:  'White Pillar' Rose of Sharon

Plant Profile: ‘White Pillar’ Rose of Sharon

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d choose Rose of Sharon to spotlight.  But, the more familiar I become with White Pillar®, the more taken I am with its simplicity and elegance.  Sure, it’s easy to ignore these summer-blooming behemoths — I’ve been ignoring them for years!  They were always the last plant I ever took a customer to see when they were wanting blooms in the summer. 

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