How to improve your garden

5 Tips to Improve your Garden and Extend its Season

Autumn is the perfect time to plant.  It’s also a great time to re-evaluate your garden and landscape.  It’s the time of year to openly gawk at your garden and ask yourself, what is missing now and what was missing this past summer.  Find out how to improve your garden and extend its season with these 5 tips.


Fall Color – Sure, you probably have a maple that offers spectacular fall color, but does your fall palette extend beyond said maple?  If not, then now is the time to go shopping.  Plants like Itea and Fothergilla may not hold much appeal during the summer months, but they shine once again in the fall.  These two plants alone bring in the autumnal colors of burgundy red, orange, and golden yellow.

Don’t worry if you’re not crazy about the autumn color scheme though.  Perennials like Anemone and Aster will offer abundant white, pink, and purple flowers to your fall garden.


Fothergilla shows off in the fall garden with autumnal hues.

Fothergilla may have amazing bottle-brush blooms in the spring and handsome deep green foliage in the summer, but autumn is when this shrub really shines.


Texture – Even gardens with abundant flowers but little else can be lacking.  Not certain why?  That elusive quality that your garden is searching for is texture.  Whether in the form of an upright grass or the needle-like foliage of a columnar yew, the right foliage texture will make your flowers look even better.


Improve your garden by adding texture with grasses

The differences in texture of this Coralbell and Hakonechloa make both plants the star of the garden.


Create a Backdrop – It’s easy to become so involved in choosing the flowers or shrubs in a border that we forget the backdrop.  Like any good painting, however, even plants look better with a canvas.  Evergreens such as Columnar Yew, Juniper, Arborvitae, or Spruce create excellent backdrops.  By placing these plants behind your existing beds, you create a background that allows your coloful garden to shine.


Spruce creates a backdrop for flowering shrubs.

Blue Spruce creates both backdrop and contrast for Pink Velour Crape Myrtle.


Accents – Accents in a garden stand out and draw your eye to a focal point.  By using urns or pottery, you create a permanent accent to which you can add seasonal color.  Specimen plants also make great focal points.  A specimen plant can be tree or shrub, evergreen or deciduous but is typically unique or strong in form.


Lime green hydrangea stand out in a forest of evergreen.

While specimen plants are often unique or strong forms, it can also be a plant that draws your attention to a particular point in your garden with its spectacular color.


Berries – Berries offer a late-season sparkle that allows you to carry your fall into winter when many other plants have begun to fizzle out.  Take your fall color palette to a whole new level with the deep purple berries of Beautyberry.  Or, decorate for the holidays by adding Holly with its bright red berries or add an elegant touch with the pale, blue-green berries of Canaertii Juniper.


Purple berries cover Beautyberry in the fall.

Few fall plants can compete with the jewel-like berries on a Beautyberry.


By following these 5, simple tips, you can turn your palette into a masterpiece!